Participation enabled by Blockchain

Marketplace participants have their incentives aligned with the growth of the platform.

Architecture of Participation

Intuition Fabric is designed to enhance the value of actors in its marketplace. Intuition Fabric is essentially a market of codified thought and ideas. Said differently, it is a knowledge market. This knowledge does not remain static, but rather is dynamic. The interactions of actors in this market will enhance the knowledge contained in the market, therefore making it gradually increase in value over time.

Market Participants

We envision many kinds of participants in this market, including the following:

  • Consumers - Are actors that provide personal contextual data to be processed by Reasoners. This contextual data may be provided with different levels of privacy requirements.
  • Contractors - Are also consumers, however their purpose is to direct other actors to train new models given data that contractors provide. The models that are created are published into the global computational graph.
  • Trainers - Trainers provide computational resources that are able to create new models at the request of Contractors.
  • Curators - Are also Trainers, however they work towards cataloging the models in the computational graph.
  • Reasoners - Provide trusted computational resources that execute the models that already are present in the computational graph.
  • Auditors - Provide services that validate the authenticity of the work of Curators, Trainers, Modelers and Contractors.
  • Knowledge Providers - Contribute data and models to the platform.

Networking effects are what will drive participation by actors in this market. The initial value that will be created is a consequence of designing an “architecture of participation”. This implies that frictionless participation must be made available to different actors. More concretely, this means that the user interfaces and tooling be made conveniently available.

An architecture of participation combined with carefully designed incentive structures can lead to organic and sustainable growth of the system. Ease of access to Artificial Intuition (i.e. Deep Learning) will only grow exponentially over time. This market will ride the coattails of the expansion of the AI technology.